The 17 Year Old That Took Me Viral

And introduced me to many of you reading this email

Sometimes you write a headline and get the feeling it could capture a lot of attention.

That happened last week when I wrote about 17-year-old Flynn Blackie and the email he wrote me.

A 17-Year-Old Crafted the Best Marketing Email I’ve Read.

It had a number in the headline (and numbers work in headlines - they generate 73% more shares). It had a big claim, and it was focused around someone not yet an adult. I use a Headline analyzer to rate the headline. It only scored a 70. Normally I would aim for a higher score, but I had faith that I was more intelligent than AI.


I stuck with my gut, and the article quickly went viral. And brought a lot of you reading this to my email list. So thanks, Flynn.

Ash’s Gut Instinct 1- AI Headline Analyzer 0.

It also prompted me to write about the advantage writers have over AI.

One week. 3 Viral Hits.

For those regular readers, you will know I have turned to sex.

Well, writing about sex. As I’ve said before, sex sells. And pays some of my bills. Given I don’t have a plethora of salacious sex stories to share, I’ve taken the route of writing humorous, well, I hope they are humorous, articles based on sex topics.

These two took off last week also.

8 Sex Festivals That Should Be On Your Bucket List

How Do You Judge a Beautiful Penis?

It definitely was a good week for this writer. I’ll have to try and remember this when I have crap weeks, which happens waaaay too much.

Scott Dikkers Interview

My interview with Scott Dikkers is now live for those who like podcasts, humor, or Spotify You can find it here.

Scott was the founder of The Onion, the very first humor website and an icon in the comedy industry. He has written lots of books, short movies, and animations. He gives great insight into how he writes and also how to be funny.

Something I strive to do.

Want to make it on Medium?

My first Medium Mentor Course started in April with 20 excited partipants and 2 even more excited teachers/mentors- myself and Kelly Eden.

It has gone even better than we expected, and the feedback has been great. The first cohort finishes at the end of May, and due to popular demand, we will be running a new group in June. All the info is here.

To all the new subscribers, thanks so much for going to the effort of clicking a link and subscribing. There are lots of emails, and I am honored you chose to add this to your inbox.

And to the people who have been around since the start- I love you all.