It Seems That Sex Sells

From my two weeks of research

G’day all!

It’s been a few weeks since my last email (I hope you didn’t miss me too much), so I thought it was time to reach out again.

I’ve seen a huge upsurge in email subscribers over the last two weeks- and this has coincided since I started promoting my newsletter at the end of my Sexography articles. Not only did a few of those articles go viral(ish), but people clicked on the newsletter subscription. Writing is often a lonely experience, so seeing people engage with articles and then sign up to see more is like a virtual high five.

I learned two things from this which are worth noting for writers:

  1. Sex does indeed sell. And if you can’t/don’t’t want to share personal stories, find a different angle like I have in these articles below:

    My mom reads my articles, so I keep that in mind when writing, and for the sex stories, there is nothing personal. I try to find an angle on a sex topic and make it humorous

  2. As a writer, it is fun to cover different topics and niches. I primarily focused on business, marketing, and personal development but now can add sex to my (writing) repertoire. It helps keep the creative juices going and prevents me from going stale. I don’t know how some writers consistently write about the 5 Best Ways to Start Your Day or the 7 Things to Include in Your Daily Routine.

    Even when covering a serious topic like entrepreneurship, there is a way to inject some creativity and personality into your writing. For example, I decided to cover Rihanna and how she has expanded her business umbrella, ella, ella. It was different from the usual pieces on Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc., and I tried to show that through my subheadings throughout the piece. She is actually a very successful entrepreneur, so it is a story worth reading.

    Moving away from writing, if you enjoy podcasts, then please check out my new free Greener Pastures podcast. In this week’s episode, I interview writer, speaker, comedy teacher, and all-around comedy guru Caitlin Kunkel. It’s a must-listen episode. Available on Spotify, Apple, or if you are nice, I’ll perform it live for you.

As always if you have any comments or feedback shoot me an email.

Have a great Easter.